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Welcome to Finley’s Footprints.

Here at Finley’s Footprints we know that losing a child or a baby during early pregnancy through miscarriage, or later on in pregnancy for medical reasons or a stillbirth can be incredibly difficult as we have experienced different types of baby loss ourselves.  Our journey’s may take us along different paths, but it helps to know that somebody has trodden some of those steps before or with you.

We hope that these pages share some of the things we have found that help.  Read the stories you find within their pages carefully, as you follow in those footsteps – you will realise you are not alone.  It is possible to find peace, to rediscover hope, and eventually to smile again.

Please use the menu bars at the top of the page to navigate around the site.

  • Families who have been affected by the loss of a baby/child at any age or stage.
  • Professionals who support/care for/work with parents who have lost a baby/child at any age/stage of pregnancy.
  • Charitable / not for profit organisations working with people who have lost, or may lose a child or baby at any age or stage of pregnancy.
  • Towards Tomorrow – This is our sister site.  Towards Tomorrow raises funds to support parents through their loss.






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