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Baby Loss Poetry

Poetry has the power to inspire and move us so much. It can express so much more with its tone and rhythm than simple words can. The rhyme seems to add more meaning and depth.


Please share your favourite baby loss poem on your blog and link it up.


Do not cry for me my parents,
For I am not lost, nor alone;
Do not cry for me my father,
For I am always here
Your rock and your stone.
Do not grieve for me my mother,
For I am always at your side.
I live inside of you both,
and my soul eternal glides,
amongst the stars, and moonlit nights
and in the shards of light.
Look out upon the heavens
For you will see me soaring there;
It was not my time dear mother,
yet you should not despair.
For I will come when I am ready,
and the time is right for me.
I live inside you both,
for now my soul is free.
So do not grieve for me Mother,
do not hang your heart in Woe,
For now I travel amongst the stars,
and Heaven is my home.

©Raphael. Monday, August 10th 2009

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